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------------------- Carl Sagan

Sr.Brightside is a communication studio formed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists from different fields of science, health and technology, but also by teachers, graphic designers, animators, illustrators, writers and journalists. We are experts in the art of moving and transforming data obtained in the laboratory to information coming to society in the form and appropriate channels.

In order to translate scientific knowledge to people, we use different means and resources that are accessible to all citizens, using a more appropriate language, audiovisual media and online channels that facilitate understanding the scope. We transform the results of scientific experiments into readable information directed to people outside laboratories, reducing the existing communication gap between Science and Society.


Graphic design

Graphic design redefines the world we live in and without doubt makes a difference in every scope, to the point of becoming a key factor which makes ideas succeed. Science is not an exception, so our designers will extract the essence behind every concept in your project to obtain and unique and surprising way to dress your ideas up.



Web development

The Internet is more vibrant than ever before and it is your best showcase to position and promote your brand with a global scope. We will develop a taylor-made responsive website that will suit in every device around the web.
A real on-line reference to your target audience.


Video & Animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Fascinate your public while they get instantly a working knowledge about your developments and which problems do you resolve in a viral way.
We will find the style that really fits your ideas.



Videogames & Apps

Videogames define a state of the art channel to connect to your public, where you just do not tell them a story but you let them to be a part of it. While they play, the get a deep understanding about your work.
On their side, apps generate loyalty within your public while you give them instant access to your latest news.


Editorial design

It is not only what you want to communicate, it is also how you do it. Choose a differential design to show your documents to make them easier to understand and more recognizable at a glance.



Content edition

Great contents are the real secret behind successful websites and blogs, but it is not easy to spread the word about your work and research when you have to keep working. We will help you creating original content that really take your project to the world, using an meaningful language.


Social networks

Social networks are present on every scope and they have redefined the way people and companies interact. Take advantage of them and connect directly with your public. We will help you to tell your story so they can understand what you do on they terms.




Art it is a great media to bring your ideas to live. Our illustrators will extract the concept you really want to communicate to ad-hoc create a graphical representation which will make your work easy to understand.



Raw data and numbers obtained at research can be overwhelming to your audience if they are not focused on your work mainstream. Making them understandable it is really an art and we will analyze your data to find new ways to make them accessible to everyone.



Product design

Designing a product it is not an easy task. Usually many actors come to play once you have the idea: designers, manufacturers, suppliers... We will handle everything to help you through the whole process to make your desired product a reality.


Scientific events

Spread the word about your project on a different way. We will design the perfect event to impress attendees so they can keep you and your project on mind. Let them remember you.

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